Students at ECIC are taught within 5 realms of PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Alternate Environment: Students engage in a range of outdoor and aquatic activities in different environments. Our school pool provides an opportunity for students to swim on campus. Other activities may include, but are not limited to: bowling, running off-site, kayaking, etc. These activities are subject to weather conditions and the resources available within the community.

Dance: As part of the dance curriculum, students engage in different dance activities to improve their creative movement and expression. This year, students have been exposed to various types of line dancing and have had the opportunity to collaborate and create their own dances as a group.

Games: In the physical education curriculum, students participate in various games to build their manipulative skills, strategies, techniques, and spatial awareness. The games units emphasize the importance of cooperation, communication, effort, leadership, participation, and preparation. Some examples of games units that are covered include volleyball, basketball, tchoukball, football, frisbee games, softball, and low-organized games.

Types of Gymnastics: In the physical education curriculum, students engage in movement challenges that help them develop skills like strength, flexibility, and balance. The ‘stuntnastics’ unit is a fun and interactive way for students to practice and improve their balance and pyramid building skills in small groups of 2-3-4 people.

Individual Activities: Students engage in activities such as running, jumping, and throwing, both individually and in target-based exercises. Our curriculum includes units on racquet sports and athletics as examples of individual manipulative units included in our annual plans.

SWIMMING: As part of the regular curriculum, students from kindergarten through 9th grade also take swimming classes. These classes focus on teaching proper stroke technique and water safety, as well as promoting teamwork, creativity and competition through games. Throughout the year, students will continue to receive stroke corrections, learn new skills and improve their abilities at all levels.

In addition to regular classes, an elementary and secondary swim team will begin some time after February 15th and will continue until the end of the school year. As members of the team, students will participate in local competitions against other schools, organized by CIS and neighboring schools.

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