As the Principal of École Canadienne Internationale of Casablanca, I am proud to be the leader of the first Alberta Accredited school in Casablanca, Morocco. Our school will provide a dynamic and world-renowned program of studies in the province of Alberta as of September 2023.

The Alberta Curriculum will be taught by Canadian-certified teachers who hold a four-year university degree in Education and who are committed to the highest professional standards, therefore ensuring a high-quality education. They are trained in child psychology and know how to adapt the work to the needs of each student, to ensure that every child succeeds to their full potential.

At ECIC, our goal is to awaken the curiosity and love of learning of our students. We aim to nurture them to become the confident, compassionate, resilient, critical thinkers and problem-solver leaders of tomorrow.

Welcome to ECIC,

Mme Julie Lafrance


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